Is your toilet drainage clogged? How about your sink’s drainage? Or your faucet’s water pressure too weak? Well, the answer to these problems is just a Local Plumber. A plumber is an expert for fixing water pipe leakage, clogged sinks or toilet drainage, and even septic tank’s piping and network.

The Total Home Services of Utah is manned with experts in these problems. Worry no more, we are here to help you fix those things!

Our local plumber is well-trained to fix leakages and clogs. After we fix it, you will have a peace of mind that it will never recur again, but of course, with regular maintenance.

Why do we need plumbing maintenance?

There are five common problems that always occur in an improperly installed or old piping system, these are the following:

  1. Leaky faucets;
  2. Clogging toilets;
  3. Toilet running;
  4. Water pressure; and
  5. Clogging drainage.

There are no forever or lifetime fixes, problems will really occur in case you have mistakenly or deliberately misused your pipelines in sinks, or maybe your septic tank is already filled or overflowing. 

It is very much advisable to always have plumbing maintenance. Plumbing Maintenance sees small problems in your network that could potentially turn into a bigger one and further problems. Local Plumber is the best one to consult with.

Be efficient! That’s our motto. There is a lot of disastrous leakages that you can prevent when availing of plumbing maintenance. Septic tanks must always be on-guard by an expert like us. Preventive maintenance also extends the useful life cycle of a septic tank and thus saving you from the further cost of replacing the entire septic tank system.

Declogging Drainages

Clogged drainages are always the main sources of foul odors and further problems– and would cause your headache. Here at Total Home Services of Utah, our Local Plumbers are well-trained in declogging the system of your drainages that would bring you the peace of mind that it won’t leak again, but again, with regular preventive maintenance.

Low-to-no water pressure

Weak water pressure is also a problem at home. Imagine you are taking a bath or washing dishes on the second floor of your house and yet there’s no water coming out of your faucet. That’s not good, isn’t it? The Total Home Services of Utah’s Local Plumber has also mastered the solutions for such problems.

Wastewater siphoning

Septic Tank would certainly overflow at a certain period of time when ignored. The level of the filled septic tank must be monitored to prevent overflow and further problems. Also, there is a harmful risk when your septic tank overflows-- and it’s not totally alright, agree? The best way to monitor the level of your septic tank is to consult a siphoning expert. The Total Home Services of Utah’s Local Plumber can do the job. Our Local Plumbers can resolve your problem, thus, there is nothing to worry about.

One of the common ways is to conduct siphoning. Siphoning is a process of drawing off your septic tank’s wastewater. In short, it empties your septic tank. Emptied septic tanks mean a clean and new container for wastewater. It, therefore, prevents from clogging your toilet bowls and sinks.

The other services of Total Home Services of Utah

We provide homes with overall services, Total home services of Utah is not just an expert in plumbing, our other services include the following:

  • AC Contractor
  • AC Repair Services
  • AC Maintenance
  • Appliance Repair Services
  • Microwave Repair
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Washer and Dryer Service and Repair
  • HVAC Repair.
Want to know more about our services, please call us at +1 801-436-3333 or visit our website at http://totalhomeservicesutah.com.

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