A Name You Can Trust

Total Home Services of Utah only employs certified, qualified, and highly experienced technicians, so you can trust that when you call for appliance installation, repair, or replacement, you will receive high-quality service every time.

Hire a Trained Appliance Installation Technician

Home appliances are complex pieces of equipment. Hiring an untrained appliance installation technician can lead to further issues down the road. For example, washing machine repair and installation requires access to the water and electrical systems in your home. Without proper training and experience, an appliance installation technician could cause expensive damage to either of these essential systems. Hiring a certified and trained appliance installation technician will ensure that your home and your loved ones are protected from potential harm.

Dishwasher Installation

When installing a new dishwasher, countertops and flooring may need to be removed to create space to remove the old dishwasher and install the new dishwasher. Leave this process to the appliance installation professionals at Total Home Services of Utah.

Range Installation

If you purchased a gas range, it’s imperative that the gas connection is made correctly. If the connection is made improperly, you risk a gas leak in your home. You should reach out to our appliance installation technicians to protect your loved ones and your home. 

Trash Compactor Installtion

If you are considering installing a trash compactor in your home, our appliance installation specialists can help you determine a proper location, fit the circuit breaker, and correctly install the trash compactor with ease and efficiency.

Microwave Installtion

Installing an over-the-range microwave requires proper mounting and positioning to ensure the microwave remains secure over time. Our appliance installation technicians have the proper equipment and experience that enables them to perform these tasks

Refrigerator Installation

The refrigerator installation process is anything but simple. From delivery and preparation to fitting the water lines, recruiting the help of an experienced refrigerator installation company like Total Home Services of Utah is sure to make the process simple and stress-free.

Washing Machine Installation

The washing machine installation process involves disconnecting and reconnecting the electrical cable and water line from your old washing machine to your new washing machine, in addition to other aspects of installation. Turn to Total Home Services for your appliance installation needs.