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“Keeping your heating thriving 365 days a year for 35 years.”

Get the right solution at the best value. No up-selling. No surprises at the end. Just long-term peace of mind.

As another Utah winter approaches, schedule an appointment with Total Home Services of Utah, and we will make sure your systems are working properly to keep you and your family comfortable during the cold winter months.We have a well-trained team of heating technicians who can help you install a new boiler or check the conditions of your existing heating system. At Total Home Services of Utah, we’ve got you covered.

Do You Have a Heating Emergency?

Call our experts at (801) 845-3489 to receive immediate assistance. Many homes in Utah operate with a gas boiler and radiator heating system, so there are many factors that could be classified as a heating emergency. Much of the time, these issues are related to the boiler. Our service vehicle in THSU carries almost all of the equipment, fittings and materials we’re likely to need to fix the problem. If it turns out that you need a part that we don’t have with us, we’ll make everything secure and safe and get the part for you from one of our local suppliers. Once the problem is fixed, we get everything back up and running and test it thoroughly.

How fast are we?

We are a truly local heating company serving Utah and its boroughs. This means no matter where you are, you can be confident that our technicians will be dispatched to your home as quickly as possible. We treat every job with the same level of urgency and work around your schedule. Just let us know the problem and we will send someone out right away to take control of the situation and find a solution. 

Repair time – completed within an hour
We provide time estimate after initial check-up
Larger problems that involved more time – you will receive a definite estimate up front

There’s plenty that goes into keeping your home at the perfect temperature – from scheduling maintenance to furnace repair to furnace replacement. Total Home Repair in Utah has got you covered on all heating needs. Find out more about our furnace related services here (insert link of the page).

We don’t want you to be paying more than you need. That’s why we provide comprehensive inspections that identify the source of the problem. This way we can recommend the most cost-effective solution that will help your system work more efficiently and save you more energy and money in the long run.

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