Heating Repair

Our heating repair technicians at Total Home Services of Utah have been well trained and equipped to repair your furnace, radiator, water heater, and a variety of other heating systems.  

Repairing Heating Systems

Taking care of the heating systems in your home is essential to maintain long lasting heat and air quality. Total Home Services of Utah has extended experience with different types of radiators including hot water heaters, steam heating, electric heating, and gas heating. We understand each of these heating systems have their own niches and our heating repair experts are well qualified to repair old or inefficient heating systems. 


Indicators of Heating System Repair

A few things to spot for heating system repair is an unresponsive thermostat, random power outages, strange noises coming from the unit such as groaning or creaking, and ice accumulations. If you walk into a room in your house and notice the room is colder than some of the other rooms, then there is likely a heating system issue. 

A heater that needs to be repaired has diminishing efficiency, and the more you use it the more likely it is to be worse off in the future. Any indication of leakage is a sure sign that heating maintenance or heating system repair is needed. We understand that many homeowners feel that it can be expensive to repair and may be unnecessary, but the longer the wait, the expenses of the repair are likely to increase. 

By looking for the signs and needs of your heating system, you can find it easier to extend and maintain the lifespan of the furnace, radiator, or water heater. If you are located in Northern Utah or the surrounding areas, please give Total Home Services of Utah a call and we can provide you with an answer to almost any inquiry you may have. We look forward to being the heating repair professionals you choose for your next water heater repair, furnace repair, or radiator repair.

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