HEATING Maintenance

Total Home Services of Utah ensures your heating systems are working properly to keep you and your family comfortable in the cold winter months. 

Furnace Maintenance

Tuning your furnace and having furnace maintenance regularly includes, but is not limited to, replacing air filter, cleaning flame sensors, inspecting heat exchanger, cleaning the humidifier, checking the thermostat for proper operation, and cleaning ductwork if needed. Small orifices on the burner manifold may need to be scraped away from any possible buildup. Make sure that the furnace flue is connected to the masonry, otherwise a leak of carbon monoxide gas could escape. 


Radiator Maintenance 

The function of your radiator at home is to provide consistent and comfortable heating during the cooler months. To ensure your radiator is heating and working properly, listen for banging in the pipes or clanging. If this happens, do not hesitate to call Total Home Services of Utah, located in Northern Utah, and we can provide radiator maintenance at a price that is cost-effective and reliable so you can stay warm this winter. 


Water Heater Maintenance

 At Total Home Services of Utah, we can annually test the temperature-pressure relief valve on your water heater or insulate older units with a fiberglass jacket to improve efficiency. It is easy to take your water heater for granted, and though water heater maintenance does not require too much attention, keeping it regular and running effectively is important so that sediment does not build up too much. 

Sediment in water heaters can lead to clogs, and Total Home Services of Utah can provide draining services to help a water heater flush out sediment that is usually made up of debris, minerals, or other small items. For additional information about our furnace maintenance, radiator maintenance, and water heater maintenance, please contact us and we will respond in a timely manner.


We provide time estimate after initial check-up

There’s plenty that goes into keeping your home at the perfect temperature – from scheduling maintenance to furnace repair to furnace replacement. Total Home Services of Utah has got you covered on all heating needs. Find out more about our furnace related services here.

We don’t want you to be paying more than you need. That’s why we provide comprehensive inspections that identify the source of the problem. This way we can recommend the most cost-effective solution that will help your system work more efficiently and save you more energy and money in the long run.


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