Local Air Conditioner Repair Service Team

Total Home Services of Utah has a team of certified AC repair technicians, therefore, we ensure high-quality service in setting up or maintaining your air conditioning system.

AC Repair Services

With Utah’s hot summer weather, people often set their air conditioner at a low temperature, allowing them to escape from the heat. However, did you know by using your AC more often at lower temperatures, you’re actually wearing it out faster? If you consistently set your AC unit to a lower temperature, it will need AC repair services more often.

Scheduling an AC System Inspection

A failing air conditioning system means something within the appliance is malfunctioning. If you notice your AC is performing properly, it’s best to reach out to an AC contractor so that the unit can be inspected. Since AC systems are used quite often throughout the year, you should schedule regular AC maintenance to make sure your system continues to perform at its best.

What Are the Components of AC Repair Services?

Our AC services do not only entail repairs. Total Home Services has certified AC contractors who are able to perform AC preventative maintenance, AC installation, and AC replacement in addition to AC repairs.

Preventive Maintenance

When you schedule preventative maintenance with an AC contractor, they will ensure all ducts are intact, filters are clean, freon is level, electrical wirings are still intact, in addition to other upkeep. Regular AC maintenance will also help your AC technician recognize any issues that could cause future problems.

Installation of Spare Parts

An air conditioning system that is not performing may have issues in the spare parts within the system. Seeking an appointment for an AC repair services is recommended because an AC certified technician can recognize the spare part issue and quickly replace the broken part. Such spare parts could include capacitors, resistors, boards, external parts, ducts, wiring, among others.

    AC Replacement

    While AC replacement may seem like the expensive option, having an AC system that consistently requires repairs can be pricier in the long run. Keep track of repairs that are performed on your AC system so that you can make a decision to replace your AC if the repairs become more frequent.

    Why choose Total Home Services of Utah’s AC Contractor services?

    With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we are equipped to handle all kinds of AC repairs. Our certified AC technicians are trained to provide high-quality service every time. Not only are we AC system experts, we also provide other home services, such as:

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    AC Repair Services

    If you notice your AC system isn’t cooling your home properly, it’s best to call in a professional AC contractor who can help you diagnose the problem and find a solution.

    AC Maintenance

    Your AC system experiences normal wear-and-tear since it is used quite often throughout the year. Call our AC experts to schedule an AC maintenance appointment.

    AC Installation Services

    Utilize Total Home Services of Utah’s AC installation services. We have decades of experience and the necessary certifications to provide high-quality service.