AC Maintenance Contractor

Total Home Services of Utah is an experienced air conditioning contractor providing reliable AC maintenance with exceptional customer service. 

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance for AC units are necessary to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the AC unit over time. There are a few things homeowners can do to ensure they do not need an AC replacement down the road but other services that can be left to professionals. Some things homeowners can easily do to prevent long term AC problems is remove debris around the unit, check for loose electrical components, and ensure the condensate drain is clear. 

For residential homeowners that are in need of an AC contractor to provide AC maintenance, Total Home Services of Utah can provide services including, but not limited to, repairing or updating faulty wiring, perform maintenance on the fan, and replacing the compressor of the AC system. Hiring professional AC contractors can save money, prevent or identify problems before they arise, and address potential complications in your AC system.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Our air conditioning contractors have a trained team working specifically with AC systems and have performed consistent maintenance on a variety of AC units for commercial buildings. We have the expertise and experience to take care of your commercial building needs including cooling, indoor air quality, and heating. 

We can seamlessly perform maintenance on select parts of your air conditioning system. Total Home Services of Utah has knowledge and expertise to help your business remain cool and comfortable during the warmer months. The AC unit can be assessed by our team at your work space and provide appropriate solutions for your cooling needs by measuring the airflow, electric coils, and checking the belts for tightness and wear.

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No matter what your air conditioning system’s issues are, we provide homes with overall services, Total Home Services of Utah is the best in providing repair services and maintenance in almost all appliances– proven and tested in 40 years! We are not just an expert in air conditioning system; other services we have to are the following:

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AC Repair Services

If you notice your AC system isn’t cooling your home properly, it’s best to call in a professional AC contractor who can help you diagnose the problem and find a solution.

AC Maintenance

Your AC system experiences normal wear-and-tear since it is used quite often throughout the year. Call our AC experts to schedule an AC maintenance appointment. 

AC Installation Services

Utilize Total Home Services of Utah’s AC installation services. We have decades of experience and the necessary certifications to provide high-quality service.